Teenagers Drug Abuse

Drug abuse among teenagers is a problem in America today. When teenagers begin using drugs their lives are immediately affected. The teenage drug abuser will usually begin performing less proficiently in their academic setting. Their grades as a result will plummet. They will typically lose interest in things they have always been interested in. The loss of interest will extend to family, friends, school work, and religious affiliations.

Parents begin to wonder where their loving child has gone. The child that they used to know has become a stranger. If the drug abuse continues and the teen becomes addicted to drugs, things will even deteriorate to a lower level. The teen once trusted, will begin to lie, cheat and steal. They will do anything to obtain their next high. Parents are forced to lock their possessions up to prevent them from being stolen. It is sad that in some households there are locks and deadbolts on family members’ rooms to prevent things from being stolen. Many parents reach this point, and begin to wonder if they will ever make it through this terrible place in their lives.

Teenagers Drug Abuse and the Legal System

The new life style of the teenager with a drug abuse problem begins to have more interaction with the law. When parents and siblings have had enough, they will begin calling the police. Once the teenager that is abusing drugs is in the legal system things can even drop to a new low. While in the legal system and in lock up, the teenager will make new drug connections. They may even become a teenager drug dealer to satisfy their own habit.

The once innocent child has now entered the world of drug dealing, and a much more unsavory group of associates than those they started off with. The neighborhood drug dealer is replaced with more seasoned drug professionals. The teenager drug abuser now becomes a slave to the dealer he purchases drugs from.

Teenage Drug Abuser Becomes Drug Dealer

It is only a matter of time before the teenage drug abuser; now drug dealer, is caught and entrenched in the legal system. With a criminal record of drug dealing, the police and judicial system will be much less lenient with him when he is caught in the future. Many parents are surprised to find that their teen is selling drugs. This transition happens much earlier than many people understand. The simple fact of the matter is that when a teen becomes addicted, and want to get high they need to find a way to purchase drugs. It is a logical step to begin selling to support their habit.

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