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Welcome to At Risk Youth Programs, we are dedicated to assisting parents of at risk youth. We have developed this site to assist parents as they search for programs and options for their out of control youth. Many people believe that there is an increase in at risk youth in America today. There are many factors that contribute to the increase. With many families both parents work full time jobs to stay ahead of things financially. Some families require both parents to work just to break even. This void in parental supervision takes a toll on children that are left on their own after and before school.

Many at Risk Youth Problems Begin at Home

When a teen or younger child is left on their own for extended periods of time they may begin to make decisions based on the advice of others. The advice can come from their peers or sometimes from another parent. The advice can be positive, but there is a chance that the advice may also be negative. It may even be contrary to the advice of their parent. If both parents are required to work out of the home, older siblings are sometimes forced to step up and fill a void. This can create resentment in older siblings toward their parents. Some older siblings even develop feelings of animosity toward their parents for robbing them of their childhood.

At Risk Youth Options

There are many sources of help for parents struggling with an at risk youth. There are at risk youth boarding schools, at risk youth boot camps, at risk youth wilderness camps, and even at risk youth residential treatment centers. Each program is developed to help at risk youth with different needs. The at risk youth boarding school will usually include some type of education along with help for negative and defiant behaviors. Here is a list of options to help at risk youth.

  • At risk youth boarding schools
  • At risk youth boot camps
  • At risk youth wilderness camps
  • At risk youth residential treatment centers
  • At risk youth wilderness programs
  • At risk youth military style programs

An at risk youth boot camp will be more of an "in your face" type program featuring drill sergeants, and a military structure. At risk youth wilderness program or wilderness camps take place in the wilderness. They can be beneficial for a youth that has been pampered most of his or her life. A "well to do" at risk youth can benefit tremendously from a stay in the woods without the comforts they are accustomed to. Toilet paper, a shower, and nice bed to sleep in take on a whole new meaning when they are gone. An at risk youth residential treatment center will more than likely be the best fit for an at risk youth that has a serious drug or alcohol problem.

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