What about the boot camps you see on tv?

If you have tried to call the television station after a moving experience watching a mouthy child turned around in a weekend, to find where that child was sent, you may have difficulty finding out exactly where the troubled child was sent. We have also experienced the same frustration. Many times what you see on television is for entertainment purposes. Watching a spoiled child scream obscenities at their parents is good for television ratings. We have had many parents call us trying to point them in the direction of the boot camp they have just seen on a dramatic, "what can I do with my defiant teen program" on a talk show. These camps may exist, and may have some success but our opinion remains that in order for a program to be effective it really should be long term. It is highly doubtful that any long term changes will be made in a child's behavior in a weekend or even a month. Behavior modification takes a long time to become effective. In summary we believe that short term boot camps may not be as effective as long term options.

How can I get my teen into a boot camp?

Many states have made laws that legally tie parents' hands, while trying to correct their children. In some states, when a child reached 14 the parent can no longer force them to do anything. This brings up the question, "if I live in a state where my child has more rights than I do, how can I get them the help they need?" We work with several different teen transport companies. They are trained to come to your home and remove your child and safely escort them to the program or school of your choice. If you are able to convince your child to accompany you to the program, this is the preferred way to get them there. In cases where the child will not go willingly, we can help you make arrangements to have them transported. If you already know that they will refuse to go, it is better not to ask them at all, but to call for help.

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